Shaking It Up on Thanksgiving

Well I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I certainly did. In my previous blog post I decided that I had to make a second cranberry dish to bring for Thanksgiving dinner. After all, I always bring the same thing, and with Thanksgiving being on a Thursday, I needed to Shake It Up. So in addition to my usual homemade cranberry sauce which follows the recipe on the cranberry bag, I thought hard to figure out what I would bring. After all, Thanksgiving is all about tradition, so maybe I didn’t even need to worry about it for today. But I decided that I still needed to bring a second dish. I got a recipe from my cousin for a cranberry orange relish dish that my aunt used to make. It is a very simple recipe — half a bag of fresh cranberries, chopped up in the food processor, the juice from one orange, the zest from the orange, and sugar to taste. It turns out that the cranberry lovers all enjoyed the relish — it was a success! So, I am glad that I was able to Shake It Up and do something different on a very traditional day of the year.

Let me know if you did anything outside of your usual Thanksgiving Day routine to Shake It Up! I would enjoy hearing what others have done.  And if you didn’t do anything for Shake It Up Thursday this week, there is always next week!



One thought on “Shaking It Up on Thanksgiving

  1. I like your idea! And the relish sounds really tasty. I kind of did something different by staying home and not going anywhere today. Family is out of town, but friends asked me to join them. But Mocha and I have had a much needed leisurely day.

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