Just for a minute……

First of all, I am wondering if anyone did anything today to Shake Up their routine. It would be fun to share if you did.

When I started my day today, I really wasn’t sure what I would do. I started out with an initial plan, but I changed my mind first thing this morning. It wasn’t until I was brushing my teeth and put my toothpaste down on the counter — just for a minute — that I realized what I was going to do today to Shake It Up.

I tend to put things down somewhere, and instead of just putting it away, it sits out. It might be a tube of toothpaste that sits out the bathroom counter, a magazine waiting to be read, some things that are sitting on my desk at work. There are often papers, a stray paper clip or rubber band, an extra pen or pencil etc that are on my desk at work — there just for a minute…….

So today I decided to put things away right away, instead of having them sit out for what might be a couple of minutes or a couple of weeks. Anyway, you get the idea.

This meant I needed to put things away right away — like my calculator at work goes in a certain spot, the pens go into the pencil cup, the sticky notes go back in the drawer.

It also meant that some items that had been sitting out on my desk for awhile needed to get put away, like a binder that has been sitting out for a couple of days.

This was not an earth shattering Shake It Up day. Nobody really noticed that I did anything differently. But, it did help me be aware of a habit that could be changed with just some self awareness.

So let’s go back to the question as to whether you did anything differently in your day today. I have had people tell me that they have done something to Shake It Up on a Thursday, and I applaud them for getting out of their usual routine.  At any rate, it is fun to Shake It Up!





2 thoughts on “Just for a minute……

  1. stephanie white says:

    Now that was a worthwhile effort!! I’m wondering how much extra time you had to spend cleaning up after yourself, that should have been spent on work. I’m teasing of course, but just wondering. I haven’t got into Shake It Up Thursday, but you have inspired me to do a better job of picking up after myself in a more timely manner!

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