Shaking It Up by being less sedentary…….

Do you ever feel like you are more sedentary than you used to be? Remember when being more active physically was just normal, like riding a bike just for fun or carrying small children around? Now it seems like I need to seek out activity such as going to the health club in order to be physically active. When I woke up Thursday, I decided that I was going to Shake It Up by being less sedentary. Here is what I did differently:

  • I parked a little further away at the grocery store in the morning, so I had to take a few extra steps.
  • We have a meeting every morning at work, which we call “stand up.” However, instead of standing, everyone sits….. I decided to stand instead.
  • I had already set up an area in my office where I can conveniently stand and have access to everything I need without sitting down. I can set up my work laptop on a portable computer stand or on a 4-shelf bookshelf, and do most everything I need from standing instead of sitting. So I spent most of the day standing instead of sitting.
  • At lunch, instead of sitting around just eating, we took a walk afterward for 20 minutes.
  • Even though I often try to wear something different on Thursdays, I wore my regular gym shoes so that I would be comfortable doing a lot of walking. So no cute shoes for work on Thursday.    😦

It did feel good trying to be more active at work. Ironically, there were not more steps used over the course of the day (my fitbit does not lie), but it certainly felt like more!

And, by the way, I did decide to buy a kind of fruit which I have not had in a really long time — a fresh apricot — and it was delicious!

Apricots with leaves on a white background.

My afternoon snack.

It would be fun to hear if you have done anything differently to shake up your routine!





3 thoughts on “Shaking It Up by being less sedentary…….

  1. stephanie white says:

    Good for you!! I try to add activity all the time, but still sit too much. Can’t work off the holiday goodies that way! Now you’re making me feel guilty. Maybe THAT will do the trick. Thanks.


  2. Debbie says:

    I had never heard of Minneolas, but after last week’s post, I noticed the name when I saw them in a grocery ad. Later, we were shopping and I decided to look for them. Oddly, there was a sign for them, but none of the bags said Minneola. I asked and was told that they were in one of the sets of bags. I told her that they said something else and she said she’d report it. The good news is that she also showed me their distinctive feature. I tried one and also thought it tasted like an orange, but maybe more bitter.

    I bought a bag of them and also a bag of grapefruit. Now to get them all eaten.


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