Continuation of Shaking things up

I did a few things this past Thursday to shake things up —

First of all, a few weeks ago I had posted that Karla and I were going to try to gather men’s coats to donate to the homeless shelter, and I am pleased to report that we collected about a dozen coats to donate.  I consider that an accomplishment, and a good use of this blog.

Next, I am continuing to use the non-dominant side of my body, and I am getting better at the salad bar. I was even able to dish some oatmeal into a container without making a mess at the breakfast bar!

Next, I did wear a different top that I had sewn. On Thursdays I am going to try to wear things that I have sewn in order to shake things up. Below is a picture of one of my favorite tops that I wore this week.


And finally, I am really concentrating on improving my memory for names. One of the biggest challenges for me is to remember names, so I am trying really hard at this. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be happy to hear them!





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