Shaking It Up? Sometimes you will miss a few weeks….


Shake It Up — sometimes it is harder than one might think if there is too much emotionally going on. Very dear friends lost their son a couple of weeks ago, and life has really revolved around them, as it should. So it has been tough to think about something seemingly trivial as a blog about how to shake up a routine.

So what did I do this past Thursday? Just tried to keep things lighthearted, tell a few jokes (some were better than others), be kind, and appreciate life and everyone who is put in our path.


Shaking It Up in DC

I had a hard time figuring out what to do to shake things up this Thursday. I did park in a different spot at the grocery store in the morning, but that was pretty much the extent of it. I think that after being in DC for 4 days, I was ok with getting back into my usual routine. If you shake things up too much, you might forget who you are!     🙂

There was plenty of shaking up in DC — I did several things I had never done before. I had grasshopper tacos (yes, with real grasshoppers!), seeing an exhibit at one of the Smithsonians I had never been to before, going to a fiber art exhibit at George Washington University, eating vegan BBQ wings,  attending the First Annual Arbor Day Festival at the National Arboretum, and staying at an AirB&B.

So it was great to Shake It Up in DC, but I was also ok with being back in my usual routine on this particular Thursday.












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