A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On…..

I haven’t written in awhile. I was going to post about 4 weeks ago, but had a hard time figuring out how to word something. So I did what I do very well — procrastinate.

My topic from 4 weeks ago would have been about when things get shaken up for you. When someone else makes a decision that impacts you, causing you to have to shake things up. It was hard to figure out what to write, so I didn’t write anything at all. Instead I needed time to process it. When someone makes a decision that changes things for you, the challenge is how to handle it. You can moan and groan about it, or you can just make the best of it. It is all about attitude. My change was not life-changing or really all that serious. But a change nonetheless, so move on…..

The best thing that happened to me on a Thursday was that I got to hold a new grandchild for the first time. Wonderful!

Anyway, keep shaking things up. It is good to get out of the usual routine.