Getting ready to Shake It Up

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. I was just reading the post from last Thanksgiving, where I talked about the traditional cranberry sauce that I always make, and the Shake It Up one — the one that my aunt used to make. My cousin had given me the recipe last year, and it was a success. So then the question is what to do for this year — and I decided to stick with the tried and true recipe, because real cranberry sauce lovers can’t possibly imagine a Thanksgiving dinner without it. (Of course there are really only 2 cranberry sauce aficionados in the family, but who’s counting…..)

The other recipe will be a different cranberry relish — made with dates instead of sugar. The only catch is that the last time I made a funky recipe from this website it did not come over very well, so I should probably keep some extra cranberries on hand in case it doesn’t turn out!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!