Shaking Up Food Waste

I have done lots of things to shake things up since I started with my blog. I have been writing the blog for almost a year and actually started the idea of Shake It Up Thursday almost 2 years ago.

But my question has become how can have this blog have a positive impact for others as well. My dear friend Karla and I did use this blog to collect winter coats to donate, and that was a good thing. ¬†And here is my new topic — cutting down on food waste.

There is a lot of food wasted on the food production side, but there is also an incredible amount of food wasted in individual homes. So I decided I am going to start doing my small part to cut down on food waste. After all, our grandparents didn’t waste food. Everything got eaten. Vegetables went into soups and leftovers went into casseroles. When my dad would eat an apple he would eat everything except the seeds and the stem!

So even though it was not on a Thursday, here is what I did to cut down on food waste.

I was making a nice root vegetable dish that used fresh thyme and parsley. I looked at the leftover ¬†thyme and parsley stems and thought to myself, “gee, I should not just throw this out!” I decided to make a vegetable stock, and tossed in the thyme and parsley stems and some sad looking celery that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, and some onion and carrots.

I am also trying to eat more/waste less when I have an apple. I am not down to leaving just the seeds and stem though!

it will be interesting to get ideas from others. Please share what you do to Shake It Up by cutting down on food waste.