This week’s Shake It Up, and read last week’s also (BTW, it is funny.)

It turns out that I didn’t post last week, for a host of reasons. I actually decided recently to purchase the website name of — this means you do not have to type in The reason I did this is because it would make me sad if someone else got ‘my’ website. It was also mentioned to me that I could use a hashtag in front of the shakeitupthursday, and it turns out there are a lot of posts of shakes, as in beverages already on the hashtag site. I tried to add my blog post tp the hashtag shakeitupthursday, and it turned out that every post in my blog went on that hashtag site — not something that I wanted to have happen. So instead I ended up not posting anything, since I didn’t quite know what to do. At any rate, you can read the blog post from last week and decide for yourself if it is funny…….

So on to this week –I didn’t do a whole lot to shake things up today. I did try to use my non-dominant arm for a few things, such as jotting a few notes with my right hand instead of left (they turned out a bit messy but sort of legible), and did some stapling with my off hand, which felt a bit awkward. We did go out for dinner, and instead of my usual salmon I had beef (GASP!) and cheese curds, which were delicious. I guess after being in Wisconsin all of these years, there are some Wisconsin traditions that have been incorporated into my life…..

I think I will try to figure out the hashtag thing. Maybe I can get something going with this — take the emphasis off of shakes and onto the concept of shaking things up. I will keep you posted.

Remember to get out of your routine, and Shake It Up!!



The few remaining yummy cheese curds.



Shake It Up with a joke….

My daughter was home for the Labor Day holiday, and she said to me this past Thursday morning, “so Mom, what are you going to do to shake it up today?”

I decided I was going to tell jokes at work, and I picked out a good one that she provided:

A grasshopper walks into a bar, and the bartender says to him,  “Hey, you are famous around here — they even named a drink after you!

“A drink!” the grasshopper replied. “You mean they named a drink Robert?”


Robert the Grasshopper

So I know that there are others who are hugely better at telling jokes than I am, but it was a fun and lighthearted way to Shake It Up.

Let me know if you have a good (clean) joke to share!