Welcome to Shake It Up Thursday!  This past February, as I was driving to the same parking spot at the same grocery store, where I buy the same salad, then drive to work where I park in the same parking spot, I realized how much I am a creature of habit. I decided I needed to “shake it up.” I always wore pretty much my standard outfit to work — khaki pants, a waffle Henley shirt, and a fleece vest. On that particular cold Thursday in February, I decided to park in a different parking spot. The following Thursday I wore a necklace that usually sits in my jewelry box. And the following Thursday I sat in a different chair in our daily meeting at work. You know the meeting — the one where everyone always sits in the same spot, as if the seats were assigned.

So every Thursday I have been doing something outside of my usual routine — it doesn’t matter how big or small — to Shake It Up.

I started telling others about my Shake It Up Thursday, and a few suggested that I start a blog. So let’s see where this goes —

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, so we will out of our usual routine, and you can say that will automatically be shaking it up. But think about this — every year people tend to make the same thing for Thanksgiving. I always make  my delicious cranberry sauce. You know the recipe — it is the one on the cranberry bag. Well not everyone thinks it is delicious, but I continue to bring it every year, because I enjoy making it, and I think it is delicious. But if I do the same thing every year, I am not really shaking it up! So I will need to do something different this year. Of course, I will still make the cranberry sauce, because people will be expecting it on Thanksgiving, but I plan to make a second cranberry dish.

So think about how you can get even a bit outside of your routine to Shake It Up Thursday!


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  1. jeanne says:

    Here’s a ditty that you (up until now) did not know about me Pamiam2! Thursday is my favorite day of the week! How’s that for a shake it up? Thursday evenings in particular are the best. It is the day before Friday, a day when most working people are in a happy mood because of the upcoming weekend. I know that as I eventually work my way to retirement, my favorite day of the week may change (perhaps even to the point of losing track of what day it is). But for now, I will continue to enjoy the thought on Thursday evenings, that tomorrow, most people will be smiling and in a pretty good mood because all of us have survived yet another week, and it’s finally Friday. Thanks for the blog!


  2. Vicki Meseberg says:

    Heres a thought Pam Make every Thursday a Shake it up with either what you wear/what you eat/your favorite saying/or what you “do” on Thursdays. You are sooo good at this. I will be following you on Thursdays for Advise. See you then.


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