Shaking It Up today

So I hope you had a nice Shake It Up Thursday. I did a few things differently today to Shake Up my routine.

For starters, I wore a very different outfit. I tend to wear the same type of clothes to work all of the time — jean style pants, a long sleeve shirt and a fleece vest. I usually wear gym shoes, color coordinated to match my outfit of course, because I am pretty much on the go all day at work. So I decided today that I would wear a skirt and pair of ankle boots. It was definitely different enough that people noticed.

You know how you usually sit at the same spot when you sit down to eat? Well, I certainly tend to do that. So when it was dinnertime I sat down in my usual spot, then said “oh yeah, Shake It Up Thursday,” and I got up and changed spots. The dining room looks different from the other side of the table.    🙂

I already have plans for what I am going to do next week, and I will fill you in when I write the next blog. Just suffice it to say that I am left handed, but I ate lunch today with my right hand. It didn’t go very well……..

Let me know if you did anything outside of your usual routine today to Shake It Up. It would be fun to share what others have done.  And if you didn’t do anything for Shake It Up Thursday this week, there is always next week!




2 thoughts on “Shaking It Up today

  1. Debbie says:

    Charlie was curious whether your shake-it-up choice of dining location also shook up David’s. I pointed out that there are probably more than 2 seats at your table, so maybe not.

    I hope to join in on this soon.


    • Ha! Sometimes my shaking things up causes others to shift their routine as well. Yes, I took his usual spot. The table is filled with wrapping paper and gifts, so there really were only the usual spots available to sit at. I suppose he could have sat at the head of the table, but the table was already set, so we just swapped seats instead. 😊


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