Shaking It Up x 2

I didn’t post for New Year’s Eve, mainly because things were pretty busy and hectic. So for the last day of 2015, once again I didn’t know how I would Shake It Up……. until I went to the dentist that morning. I was told that I needed to brush my teeth longer. Everyone knows that they are supposed to brush their teeth at least twice a day. But, did you know that you are supposed to brush your teeth for an entire 2 minutes each time? Who knew? Well, I was very excited to hear that piece of information. I told the dentist and the dental hygienist about my blog, and that brushing my teeth for 2 minutes each time would be how I would Shake It Up that day! What an important new habit to form. The irony is that I did not actually do anything differently on that day — New Year’s Eve– because I didn’t get ready for bed until after midnight!! But it was a great new habit to start on January 1st.

For this week, I didn’t have any great plans for shaking it up. Since nothing as earth shattering as brushing my teeth differently didn’t cross my path, I decided to do a couple of small things instead. I decided to wear a top that I had sewn a couple of years ago. I don’t usually wear it to work, because I have been saving it…… Saving it for what, I do not know! So I decided to wear it today.

I tried to insert a photo of the top I wore, but I can’t figure out how to do that yet.  So just imagine a really cute top.   🙂

The other thing that I did differently was to have a new kind of fruit — something I had never had before. I had a Minneola, which is apparently a type of tangerine. My internet sources say it is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. All I know is that to my unsophisticated tastebuds, it tastes like an orange.

Happy 2016, and here is to Shake It Up Thursday!!




One thought on “Shaking It Up x 2

  1. Debbie says:

    I was wondering about last week. I thought I’d just missed it and hadn’t thought to go check.

    I again forgot that yesterday was even Thursday. However, I forgot my lunch today and decided to go to a nearby Jimmy John’s to bring something back rather than trying to survive on “snacks” for an entire day. Coming back, I approached the school from the opposite direction and was surprised to see how it looked. I’ve driven that street many times going that way, but never looking for the school itself and wondering if I had missed it since the view was blocked coming that way. It made me think of another of your SIUTs.

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