Sometimes you can Shake It Up too much…..

So if you remember, I was told on Thursday, December 31 of last year that I needed to brush my teeth for 2 minutes twice daily. That seemed very manageable, plus a great idea for the new year. I was very meticulous about making sure that I was paying attention to all parts of my mouth, and dividing up my mouth into 8 sections — you know top/bottom, right/left, inside/outside — so that all parts got equal time. I found out from several coworkers that you can buy a very special electric toothbrush that will let you know when 30 seconds is up, and you can move onto the next section. I also went to the local home/bath type store, to find that for $179 you can buy an electric toothbrush that you can use with bluetooth if you want to print out reports and graphs etc for your brushing data. That seemed like a crazy amount of money for a toothbrush, plus I don’t need anything else to track in my life. Instead I decided to just keep using my electric toothbrush, and use the second hand of my watch to be sure I was brushing adequately. Turns out that I was brushing too hard — go figure. I ended up with sores in my inner mouth at the gum line, tearing up the skin inside my mouth. Bummer. I wanted to just eat ice cream to make my mouth feel better, but that didn’t seem like a good solution.


So what did I do to Shake It Up on Thursday? I decided that I had better cut back on how I was brushing! Too bad! Here I thought I was doing just great by starting a new habit, and it turns out that I was overly zealous about it. So OK, I had to modify my toothbrushing.

I also decided to wear a different outfit on Thursday. Last week, on Wednesday I wore a new pair of boots to work, and I was told by a fellow worker that I should have done that on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday! So last week I told her that I was shaking things up by doing something different on a Wednesday instead, but that didn’t seem like the right answer to her, so I wore them again this week.


These are not what my boots look like, but they sure are cute!!



We ended the evening by going to a new restaurant, and I ordered something really different — something I had not seem on a menu before. It was a salmon dish, so it wasn’t all that extraordinarily different for me, but it was prepared totally differently. Turned out to be a really yummy choice.

Did you do something different to Shake Up your routine this past week? Let us know!






2 thoughts on “Sometimes you can Shake It Up too much…..

  1. Stephanie White says:

    I was worried when your Shake It Up Thursday didn’t appear on Thursday. More worried when it didn’t appear on Friday. Imagine how I felt when it still wasn’t there on Saturday. Glad you’re okay. My dentist warned me about brushing too hard. I still haven’t adopted a specific Shake It Up day, but continue to try doing new things. Especially now that I am officially a year older!


  2. Debbie says:

    I definitely think about it on Thursday at the end of the day when I haven’t done anything and am driving home. Somehow driving a different direction every week doesn’t seem like it counts, so many Thursday I don’t shake it up at all. I suppose I need to start a list to make myself accountable. (Whenever I do something different on another day, I figure it is in honor of your Shake It Up Thursday.


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