Shaking It Up from the Bottom Up – Part 2

Here is what I learned — there are apparently lots of people interested in feet! I think I got more comments on my last post than any other topic. People seem to have strong opinions about wearing shoes vs going barefoot. The barefoot folks really love being barefoot. So I spent a lot more time barefoot this past week, and here is what I learned — my back and shoulders and neck all feel better –WOW. I received my stretching videos and did some that are on Youtube, and did those all barefoot. My feet have been cold, but I am pretty much ok with that. I went so far as to try Tuesday night going to sleep without socks, but that did not work out very well. I figured that I would practice so that I could make it through the night Wednesday, and then I would have my Shake It Up topic for Thursday, but oh well. I think I will try again tonight, since I do not have to work tomorrow.

So the bottom line (no pun intended) is that shaking it can be something big or small. But for me this is big. Not being barefoot is totally ingrained in who I am — it is like the heart and sole — oh I mean soul– of me. (That is a huge exaggeration, but I could not resist the pun.)

Continue to try to shake things up, and challenge how you generally do things. I think it is good for the mind, and may also benefit the body.




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