Shake It Up – Donate Winter Coats

I was trying to figure out what to do to shake things up last week, and I really could not come up with anything. I realized that I have been doing this for about a year and a half, even though I have only been posting since this past December.

So as I was eating with my lunch buddies last week, I was talking about my dilemma about trying to do things that are really more important. We started talking about what to do for those who are homeless, and are in need of shelter and clothing. Karla, one of my lunch buddies, started talking about collecting winter coats for those in need, and I asked her if it was ok if we did this together — We could come up with a meaningful and useful project, talk about it on this blog, and perhaps get others to do the same or come up with their own idea to do.

I am reaching out to a few organizations about donating winter coats, and I have been told  by one that they would, of course, be happy to accept coats that have been laundered and have no rips, stains, or tears, and have zippers in good working condition. Shelters really do not have the ability to get the coats cleaned, so that would have to be done ahead of time.

Karla is able to store winter coats in her basement, so we are happy to collect them for donation.

We don’t know yet how much impact we will have, but we do know that we are looking forward to it.



We want coats!



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