Shaking It Up with the non-dominant side of the body

I know I missed a few weeks of posting — my shaking it up the prior 2 weeks did not seem worthy of a blog post, so I decided to combine them, since they are all related.

I decide the past couple of weeks to work on the non-dominant side of my body. I am left handed, so I have been trying to use my right hand more. So here is an example for you to try: take a few sheets of paper, pick up a stapler, and staple the papers. Pick up some other papers, pick up the stapler, and staple those papers. I bet you do it the same way. My hunch is that you always use the same hand to staple papers. Now try switching it — staple using the other hand. Not as easy. This is what I did 2 Thursdays ago, and it didn’t really  seem to be worthy of entire blog. 🙂

So this week I did more of the same– I am actually getting into the habit of using my right hand now to staple, so I decided on Thursday to do more things with my non-dominant side. Almost every morning before work I go to the grocery store to make my salad at the salad bar.  I always hold the shopping basket in my right hand and use my left hand to hold the utensils to put the items in the salad container. I decided to shake that up, and used my right hand to hold utensils etc. It was a little awkward, but not too bad. However, when I was putting oatmeal into a breakfast container, I was definitely making a mess. I realized that I needed to switch back to my usual side, since it was not fair to the staff who would have to clean up after me! This will be a work in progress.

I also decided to shake things up by wearing a new top that I had sewn. I like the idea of wearing clothes that I make on Thursdays to shake things up. I haven’t really made that many items, so it may become a little repetitious!


The new top that I made.



I also am liking telling a food related joke at work on Thursdays, so here is the latest one -How much cheese is in a hamburger? The answer is “None”– it is a hamburger…..

Have a great week, and see if you can do something to Shake It Up this coming Thursday!



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