Shake It Up by going back to the usual

So what’s new? I continue to try to do different things on Thursdays – some weeks are more successful than others.

So this Thursday I decided to do things that have been part of my routine in the past, but that I haven’t done in awhile — for example writing my blogpost!!  I started the day by going for a run. That is not terribly out of the ordinary, but I did take Sunny for a short walk after I got back home.

I decided to eat strictly plant based today – also something that I have not done as much lately. No meat, no dairy, no eggs. LOTS of vegetables and other yummy foods.

What else was different?  I actually spent the evening sewing. My accordion practicing has taken over my sewing time, so it was nice to spend the evening working on a sewing project. I am making a fanny pack; however, waist pack sounds much more sophisticated.   🙂



Work in progress.


Have a great day!!



One thought on “Shake It Up by going back to the usual

  1. Peggy Bohlman says:

    Love the shake it up blogs!
    Your food ones are always interesting especially with pics. You have many talents I wish I had like playing an instrument and sewing. Keep up the good work.


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