Shaking It Up just a bit

I didn’t do a lot to Shake It Up today, but I did wear a really different outfit today — a far cry from my usual Eddie Bauer waffle shirt with a fleece vest. I wore a pair of boots with a skirt and sweater. It is pretty amazing that the outfit even worked out, because I just grabbed the various pieces of clothing before I left the house this morning to go to the Fitness Center to exercise before work.

Here is what I also did today to Shake It Up — I decided to make brownies after work this evening. I figured if they came out well, I would make another batch to bring on Sunday to our friends’ Super Bowl party. For anyone who knows me, the fact that I went home to bake is surprising, since I do not really cook a lot. What is not surprising though, is that these brownies are ridiculously healthy. They are made with sweet potato, almond flour, cocoa, and the frosting was made with dates and tahini, which is sesame butter, and more cocoa.


This is what the brownies should have looked like.

So here is the good news and the bad news. The good news is that the recipe was easy to follow and very healthy. The bad news is that they had no added sugar to them, so unfortunately tasted terrible. (We had to sprinkle sugar on top to eat them.) The good news for our friends we watch the Super Bowl with is that I will not be bringing them to the Super Bowl party this weekend!


One thought on “Shaking It Up just a bit

  1. Stephanie White says:

    I’m doubled over laughing!! I will still rely on Pillsbury Chocolate Chunk brownie mix. Not nearly as healthy, but very yummy. Your outfit sounds very cute.


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