Shaking It Up by Returning to the Routine

As many of you know, we have a puppy. We don’t have a little puppy — we have a big puppy. Sunny, our yellow lab, is now 8 months old. As much as I enjoy having him, and don’t get me wrong — I am glad that we have him — he is very time consuming.



He likes to eat socks, which if you know me and my children really well, you may know that we have a history of leaving socks around the house. So I am now much better about my sock habit, but he still finds other things to eat — like paper and cardboard and bay leaves. Go figure. Since we have had Sunny, I have not been able to spend as much time sewing, which is what I really enjoy doing in my non-work time.

So for Shake It Up Thursday, I decided that what I needed to do is to get back into my usual routine, and spend the evening sewing. I made sure the dog was well occupied, and I was able to sit and sew — what a nice evening.


My sewing room

It turns out that what I needed to do to shake things up was to find my way back to my usual routine.


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