Continuing to Shake It Up on Thursdays

Two Thursdays ago I decided to do something different — at our morning meeting I announced that Karla and I are collecting winter coats to donate to the men’s homeless shelter. Even though this is not a work-related activity, I decided that it was fine to talk about it in our morning meeting. Not too much else was different last Thursday, although I did have a very different soup the night before when out with friends — sort of a pre-Shake It Up meal.

So what happened as a result of the winter coat announcement? This past week someone at work brought in two winter coats for us to donate. The beauty of Shake It Up Thursday is that it has a positive impact on others, which makes me very happy.

And this past Thursday? I decided that I would be in charge of dinner. Those of you who know me well are aware that I don’t really do much cooking. At this point some people might say “much? are you joking?” So what did I do? I took my husband out for dinner!!


Dinner at Lao Laan-Xang. Yum!



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