I am a morning exerciser…well let’s Shake It Up!

So you know the experts always say that the best time to exercise is whenever it works best for you. I have always, always been a morning exerciser. That is not to say that I always exercise, but when I do it is 99.99% of the time in the morning. I needed to be at work super early on Thursday, and I figured I would get up even earlier than my early exercise-in-the morning time. So I woke up extra extra early, and what did I decide? To go back to sleep! I decided to exercise after work instead. Generally when I decide to exercise after work it never really happens, but this particular Thursday it did.

So my Shaking It Up may have been due to a bit of laziness, but I pulled it off anyway.

Just another example of how we get in a routine which really should have some flexibility.

I did also have yellow instead of red cherry tomatoes and gala instead of pink lady apples, but some people (my children for example) might say that doesn’t really count for shaking things up.




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