Shaking It Up by Having A New Routine

So you may remember that I have started to play the accordion — it has sort of taken over my life, but I am OK with that. I do still find time to sew, so life is good…..

A number of weeks ago I needed to bring my accordion into work, because you can’t leave an accordion in a car. It will get too hot, and it isn’t good for the instrument. So I had mentioned to someone in the activities department at work that I was going to have my instrument, and she set me up as actual entertainment! My first gig!!

Since I am having lessons every third Thursday — well you can see where I am going with this…..  I have since played a second time at work on a Thursday. I have my list of songs that are good for singing along, and I do take requests! I actually got a few requests for next time – On Wisconsin and The Yellow Rose of Texas.

So this Thursday will be my next accordion mini-concert, as my publicist (!) refers to my 15 minute concert.

So on other topics, a friend at work decided to Shake It Up last Thursday by wearing a skirt and top to work! It is fun that this impacts others as well. And I did put different toppings on my salad this past Thursday.

Remember to continue to Shake It Up!!




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