Shake It Up by Playing the Accordion

I haven’t posted in awhile. Turns out I have more followers, which I find a bit intimidating, but so be it. As they say, Just do it. Oh wait, that is probably a different blog……

So if you really want to Shake It Up, go for the gusto! I started accordion lessons, and I purchased a beautiful black Titano accordion. This has become more than just a Thursday thing, since I am practicing about an hour everyday.

So why the accordion? I have always been drawn to accordion music. My grandfather had one in his basement — my brother and I are not sure why he had one. I think someone left it in the taxi he drove back in the 60’s. Nobody really played it, but it was there. As an adult I have managed to find accordion players wherever I travel. My not-very-musical ear is somehow drawn to the sound of the instrument.

My midlife crisis purchase was a sewing machine, and now for my this landmark birthday it is an accordion. At any rate, it is cheaper than a Porsche!

So what did I do this past Thursday? I tried to keep things light at work. I told a few jokes that at least I thought were funny. Just generally had a nice pleasant day. And of course, at the end of the day I practiced my accordion!!!




My beautiful accordion!



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